Our company first entered the sector with the name of Saçar Makina in 1945 and started to install, repair and maintenance of gasoline and diesel engines in the sector by manufacturing water pumps for industrial use and agriculture. While continuing its development in this process, he made use of his know-how and experience in the sector to direct his potential to the energy sector in 1999. The service started with the production of generators in the range of 3 kVA - 16 kVA primarily, and the service has been intensively studied for the continuation of the continuity with satisfaction of the customers. Quality service understanding, positive feedback, potential customer acquisition, took the company to branding period in 2001 with the title of KATANA.

    This rapid growth in a short time has made KATANA one of the leading companies in the sector, making it a respectable and reliable institution. Today our company is producing generators, land and marine engines in the range of 13 kVA-2000 kVA with 30 production staff, 11 technical and administrative personnel and a contribution to the country´s economy with its growing capital every day and 4500 square meters indoor and 1500 square meters outdoor production facility.

    KATANA; It also aims to open up to the world with a human-oriented sense of responsibility, entrepreneurial ability to take risks, dynamic structure and superior achievements. In line with this goal, he has been active in domestic and foreign business partnerships to become a global company. The first step of this aim was realized in Georgia, and in the ongoing process, participated in sectoral fairs in Europe, Central Asia, Africa and Turkic Republics and conducted market analyzes and identified the products needed.

    Katana Generator; in order to position itself as a promising brand in the country´s markets. For this reason, we have aimed to achieve 100% customer satisfaction on behalf of the services provided in production, service and spare parts issues in order to produce standards and conformity with ISO 9001 Quality Management System, IS0 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and CE certification .

    Katana Power Products; the project management, the production in accordance with standards, the goal of purchasing quality materials from anywhere in the world, timely and at reasonable cost, is constantly developing and growing to become a world brand with its technological facilitie

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