- To fulfill all the legal requirements in the services we provide, to serve our customers for service and use,

- By continuously increasing the quality of products and services; to present the global competitive products with the advantage of domestic production to the market,

- To increase customer satisfaction; to test the latest technology products with the latest technology test methods, to make continuous improvement both as a goal and as a tool,

- To organize employee training by carrying out the necessary studies for the adoption of the quality policy and objectives in the whole company,

- Making continuous improvement the most important target in every field of the company is our most basic quality policy.

- To direct the product variety and quality in the direction of consumer expectations and wishes,

- Acting within the scope of applicable laws and being sensitive to the maximum level,

- To increase employment, to invest in people, to educate our employees, to provide job satisfaction and to increase motivation,

- To keep consumer satisfaction on the frontline,

- To provide production and distribution services in international standards,

- Ensure that the institution is cultured,

- To give importance to team work,

- It is the basic duties and responsibilities of our employees to produce their products in a cost competitive to the demands of the consumers and to deliver them on time, to meet the demands of our consumers, and to do our jobs in a continuous development consciousness, first and foremost in a correct and correct manner.

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